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The TSE board shown in this web site is NO LONGER available. There are ZERO in stock, and none will be reordered.

It has been an old faithful for 14 years. Several hundred amps have been built, but all good things must come to an end……..only to be replaced by BETTER things. The filament regulator chip used in the TSE is no longer made….in fact Sharp is no longer alive, it is now part of the Foxconn empire.

The TSE is being redesigned to use a different regulator chip. In the process a list of requests from prior builders was collected and is being accommodated. The new board will be slightly bigger to handle 300B tubes, and provide more space around the heat sinks. More filtering has been added to the filament regulator circuit to handle 2A3’s without issue. I already have a prototype board running, but I expect that it will be 4 to 6 weeks before the design is fully tested and new boards are in stock. The progress of the new TSE-II can be followed on the Tubelab forum here:

There is already a new board in stock, but full web site ready build instructions are not ready yet:

There are also one or two more new boards planned for 2019……stay tuned!



Our new address is:

Tubelab Inc.
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Welcome to the new Tubelab website, now powered by WordPress!  After a long and tedious process, all of the content from the old site has been resurrected and reproduced here.  The information has been reorganized into the categories that you see in the menu bar above.  The Navigation Box on the right can also help to guide you.

We are still testing the new shopping cart experience.  Until it is up and running, please use the usual method for ordering PC board via email using the instructions on the ordering page.  New postal rates may apply.